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A film about the stories that connect people to places, and to each other.

Mystic Chords of Memory (2021, 109 minutes, HD) explores how people experience and maintain connections to their shared past and culture through narratives about place. Set in Cymru (Wales, U.K), this essay documentary  features people across the country telling stories about the places and lands that hold significance for them. These include a storyteller who practices ‘mythic maintenance’ on his favorite historical site, a land-based artist creating work about the life of slate quarry workers, former coal miners, village elders, political activists, sheep farmers, and practitioners of indigenous Celtic spirituality. In weaving these seemingly disparate elements together, the film considers how both shared and personal identity are constructed through connection to the environment, and how stories serve as a means of cultural resilience and a vehicle of collective memory. Ultimately, it points toward the need for a more sustainable relationship with the land. 

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Download the original score by Roesing Ape

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