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Lauren is a Portland-based photographer, filmmaker, community organizer and academic originally from Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Film from The University of Texas at Austin, and a Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University, where she focused on place-based identity and spatial justice. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Urban Studies program, and her research interests include tenants' rights, property ownership, and place attachment.


She is currently working on her first documentary feature, Mystic Chords of Memory, and it continues in this vein, taking a participant-centered approach to exploring how time and space intersect to form place. She is also in post-production on a documentary short called Thundaar Lives! in partnership with Northwest Documentary. 

Her inspirations include urban bricolage, creative cultural resilience, collective community action, local myths & legends, animism, The Zone, and the derivé. 

"Invisible threads are the strongest ties" -Nietzsche 

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