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People Like Us: The Cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

People Like Us depicts the subculture of 'shadow casting' The Rocky Horror Picture Show through environmental portraits and documentary images. These casts are single-handedly responsible for the film's forty-five year plus theatrical run, and handle everything from securing the print to making the costumes. Their dedication, the community they have cultivated, and this unique example of pop culture being created by its consumers were truly fascinating to me, and inspired me to photograph over 130 individuals in twelve states and countless live shows over the course of six years. The series was featured in Slate, Huffington Post, Fast Company, ABC News' blog, and Vice, and was named one of Fast Company's 22 best photo essays of 2015, before being published as a coffee table book in the fall of the same year (Croatoan). A documentary short featuring the Portland, OR shadow cast premiered at the Clinton Street Theater in 2016. 

A limited quantity of books are still available, and may be purchased from me directly. Please Venmo $25 to Lauren-Everett-22 or email me to make alternate arrangements. 

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